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I'll be your superhero next door, saving the world soon.

Buddy L Music is a catalyst for personal growth by assisting others in coping with life and visualizing their true potential.  


The time is now to develop a sense of agency in our lives.

Purchase Buddy L Music services to engage in the lessons, stories and music that promotes social emotional learning, wellness and growth. 








What to expect when you hire Buddy L Music for your next event?

You will hear from Brennan Lazzaretto.  Mr. Lazzaretto's background is a professional educator.  Mr. Lazzaretto has taught Social Studies for nearly a decade.  Brennan is an empathetic, charismatic and engaging speaker that strives to improve the lives of his audience.    

Brennan Lazzaretto is also known as a Chicagoland singer-songwriter under the name "Buddy L."  Buddy L is a solo act that uses folk and indie rock influences to storytell and capture emotions of the modern age.  The independent album entitled "Mouse in the Attic" consists of tales and lessons from a traumatic accident, rehabilitation and living again.  

Brennan Lazzaretto had a traumatic fall that resulted in 12 fractures in his spine during the summer of 2015. The injury occurred a week before getting married and a day before both he and his wife moved into their new home. Brennan made a full recovery and is truly blessed to walk and play music. 

Session: Superhero Next Door

Learn how to unlock your true potential through awakening your inner superhero, identifying your side kicks, and keeping your villains at bay. This engaging session by Buddy L will include a first hand account of a journey through trauma to find his own inner creative superhero.   

Session: Forging Your Super Suit

Recognize the habits and relationships that help you cope with stress, trauma and difficult days.  This session reviews the proactive measures in building your metaphoric super suit. Every super hero has dark days.  Your super suit will help you achieve your goals while enabling you to handle life's obstacles.     

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Kathleen M.

Professional Educator

"Brennan Lazzaretto is nothing short of genuine and vibrant.  His speaking style is natural and engaging, and he will leave you feeling encouraged, inspired and motivated.  His material is relatable to any audience, with a level of expertise that is unmatched.  Truly, one of the best speakers I have ever had the pleasure of working with."

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