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Brennan Lazzaretto is an educator, musician, artist, and speaker.  


Brennan Lazzaretto is a Chicagoland singer-songwriter and artist

under the name "Buddy L."  Buddy L is a solo act that uses folk

and indie rock influences in his music.  He creates cartoon

characters that come in many forms and expressions.  Buddy L

finds it exhilarating to share his creations with his fans.  Thank you

for following Buddy L and supporting him through purchasing

his art, securing licensing and hiring him for speaking


Brennan Lazzaretto had a traumatic fall that resulted in 12 fractures in his spine during the summer of 2015. The injury occurred a week before getting married and a day before both he and his wife moved into their new home. Brennan made a full recovery and is truly blessed to walk, play music and share his experiences through speaking engagements. Mr. Lazzaretto's background is a professional educator.  Brennan is an empathetic, charismatic and engaging speaker that strives to improve the lives of his audience.

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